7 Things Girls Should Not Do On First Date

First impression and first date matters a lot for beginning of a relationship. If this goes wrong then it  is hard to go on next level of relationship. First date is where you and your partner get to know each others. And if you like that person and wanna give it a chance then you  hopefully don’t want to screw it up on first date. First dates are often “getting-to-know-you” period that doesn’t require a lot of commitment but it is Important.

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In this article, I am sharing 10 things which i think girls should not do on her first date.

1.Don’t ruin the date by talking about your ex-boyfriend, this date is about you and him.


2. Don’t discuss your family history on first date, Your date is here for you only.


3. Don’t show arrogance, no one wants a lover that’s cocky.

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4. Avoid using cellphone as much as you can, don’t start texting sorry “whatsapping” on first date.


5. Do not start talking about marriage or having babies. It make us feel uncomfortable


6. Don’t talk endlessly about something, make sure that your date gets to have the chance to talk, too..!


7. Don’t be shy, be confident and enjoy yourself.


Hope these things will help you a lot , have fun 😉
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