An Appeal For The Better Life Out Of Depression.

She wrote this poem in the hope of the following 3 things:
1) To let other people who are going through such pain know that they are not alone. I am battling this condition myself and know exactly how you feel.

2) To alert everyone about the seriousness of this illness and that it must not be ignored as a “tantrum”, “mood swing”, etc. Please urge your friends/family who show basic symptoms of depression to seek counselling. The symptoms could be any negative change in the ordinary pattern of any person’s life.

She request you to please read up on this illness and be more aware about it so as to be more sensitive to people who are suffering from this problem.

3) To reach out to people who are aware of such a condition’s existence and are yet not getting help. Depression, is a pattern of negative thinking, there are internal as well as external stimuli; and all that is required, is a break from that pattern of negative thinking, through therapy.

Lastly, She want to express immense gratitude towards people who are standing strong along with their friends/family who are suffering this condition. It is not easy to be a friend to someone in such lows but know that if you are doing so,  She thanks you with all my heart and also that it is a very noble thing that you are doing.

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