How To Cope Up with The Situation like One Sided Love.

Love can be a wonderful thing, and if right, it can bring about the fulfillment of the parties involved and ensure their continued happiness for a long time to come. But like most things in life, it is not perfect and sometimes you are faced with the issue of one sided love.

One sided love is really hard situation for teens and 20’s. Most of time people fall for someone and fail to show their feeling. This unrequested  love has only one side strong romantic affection. One sided love is not healthy in any form be it friendship or romantically, it simply does not work out.

Let’s discuss some steps to deal with the situation like “ONE-SIDED LOVE”

  1. Define Your Love : Love doesn’t mean dating, outing or watching movies with your love. Love means caring your love buddy directly or indirectly. If you are boy then stop to stare your crush in front of your friends. Staring may create problems for her in her friend circle.
  2. Care Your Own Feelings : Clearly understand that only you are having romantic affection so stop getting emotionally disturb. This may leads to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety , lack of confidence.
  3. Differentiate Between Break-ups and One side love : You can be a good friend of your crush and can have good relationship with them. So, don’t count it as break up.
  4. Be Happy and Enjoy the Movement : Stay calm and  be happy as you are having pure and holy romantic affection though next person not aware of it. This feels good when you realize you can be romantic.
  5. Being single is better : Learn from those who suffered in relationship. Feeling romantic is better than break-ups. Become an optimist.
  6. Being just Romatic Is Great : Romatic feeling teaches you to love and care your surrounding people.

Life is love, and one sided love will go away just the same way it came. It may be painful in the beginning, but the pain will reduce over time and fade completely as nothing is permanent. Another thing in which to take comfort is that love will always find you and eventually you will find the one who loves you back just as much as you love them

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