Where to Start When It Feels Like Nothing Is Going Right in Your Life.

Everyone has times in their life when they feel demotivated, lost, and unhappy. You’re in a rut, and you don’t know how to get out of it. Life may keep piling it on, but here are a few starting points for how you can climb out of your hole and get back on track.



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1. Just Do Something, Anything


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Sometimes when it feels like you’re not going anywhere, you just need something to loosen up the gears. It doesn’t matter what it is—many of you recommended volunteering, taking a class, or doing some community service—but if you try something outside of your norm (especially if you learn something), it can go a long way. You can discover something you love, or meet new people that bring a new flavor to your normal day-to-day recipe.

2. Look for Support Anywhere You Can

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Reach out and find somebody that will listen to you, give you advice, or even force you out of the house. No matter how alone you think you are, you’re not. I guarantee there is someone, somewhere that cares about you. Whatever it is that suits you, you need support from time to time. It’s not easy to ask for it, but the people in your life don’t want to see you unhappy. So reach out for something—people, religion, inspiring words—grab it tight, and start to move forward.

3. Start Exercising



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There are a lot of great reasons to exercise, but there’s never a better time than when you’re in a rut. You’ll boost your confidence, de-stress your weary mind, get better sleep, and you’ll have more energy to do the things you actually care about. Translation: you’ll be happier.

4. Make Changes In Your Life, Big or Small


What if I told you that you could make one tiny change in your life, and it would make your life better?  What if I told you that it doesn’t even really matter what change you make? It could be big. It could be small. As long as its a change for the better, it doesn’t really matter what change it is.

Your turn…

What would you add to the list?

What do you try to keep in mind to motivate yourself when you’re feeling stuck?

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