Tell Your Parents You Love Them Before Its Too Late..!

“Parents” what does it means? ‘a caretaker’ or ‘ a guardian’ or ‘ an angel GOD has sent  for us to fulfill our wishes’. Parents are  precious gifts we all have ever received. We cannot imagine our lives without our parents. They are there for us every time we need them. They do their best to raise their kids and give them everything they ever wanted. We often take that for granted or won’t realize this until we’re older in age. We all should feel lucky, grateful and fortunate for how our parents raised us.Parents embarrass us, make us laugh, make us cry and make us feel like we belong on this planet for a reason.

The problem is that people of our age don’t tell their parents they love them as much as they should.

Guys, time passes so fast you never know when our parents get separate from us. We use that three words-“I LOVE YOU” for our lovers & friends then why not for our parents? what is shameful about it? your these three words can brought tears of happiness in their eyes. lets do it untill it gets too late.

Well known “MARK MERO” , a professional wrestler and a former WCW and WWE Champion. His story is heart throbbing. you cant stop your tears  falling from eyes. Today he defines success very different. His important message of hope and positivity has made a difference in countless lives, and you can help us share this with others!

Love & respect your parents.

At the end of the day – the long day of your life – as people stand around your grave no one will talk about how big your house was, or how many cars you owned, or your boat or plane… they will only talk about ONE thing and ONE thing ONLY: LOVE!  How much you loved them and how much they loved you. So the goal then is to live a life of love. That is all. – John Spence

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