This Video Of A Little Kid Forcibly Kissed In A Mall By A Toy-car Operator Shows Why We Need To Be Careful Everytime.

When you visit malls you may have seen kids riding battery-powered cars. After watching this video you will be extra careful before letting you kid ride that car.

In a video posted by Dishha Sharma, who received the video from another person. Showing that a Toy-car operator is forcibly kissing a little boy.


GUYS PLEASE SPREAD THIS LIKE FIRE PLEASE.please read this carefully!!!Was at the doctor’s clinic today and he showed me a video clip of a mall. These malls have small car rides for kids where the kid is made to sit in a battery operated car and is taken for a ride around the floor, and is accompanied by one of the guys (adult) from their team. While this ride is on the parents usually are chatting away and waiting for the child. As this guy turned a corner, he stopped the car and forcefully smooches the child. The child tries to fend the guy off but obviously he is not strong enough. THE CHILD IS A MALE! We have perverts lurking around every corner guys…..pls take utmost care of the children and protect them from getting scarred for life!If u think they’re too much to handle, leave them at home go to the mall on ur own but don’t leave them unattended at any given time!!- Dhara.

Posted by Dishha Sharma on Sunday, September 6, 2015

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